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2 roller flow forming machine

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Flow Forming Lathes(RL, RLE)

The flow forming lathes can work starting from a blank or a pre-form getting from the initial thickness the desired final length. The volume of the material keeps unchanging. We build automatic machines with 2 or 3 working rollers by means of a PLC or CNC, with characteristics according to our customer’s needs. The use of CNC allows getting not only cylindrical or conical, but also other shapes.

These lathes are ready to work laminated materials such as steel, aluminum, copper, brass, stainless, etc. Depending on the characteristics of the piece, this can be obtained by only one stroke, and thickness reduction up to 90%. Machines are able to obtain components from 50 mm. to 1000 mm. and thicknesses from 0.3 up to 30 mm. The usual applications for these machines are kitchenware, army and car industry.

All our machines are built after a deep analysis of the customer’s needs making possible to incorporate all the features and accessories required for every specific work. We deliver the machines already with the programs of the most important products that our customer manufactures. We also train in our facilities with specific courses, free of charge, the customer staff responsible for the well operation and function of the machine.

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