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The DENN machine, model AIRSPIN-220/H CSC is specially designed to manufacture components with a diameter up to 2200mm, such as and centrifugal fans, by means of the spinning process, without the need using internal mandrels.

Due to the dimensions and weights of the components that can be manufactured, during the design and construction of the machine, it has been considered that a vertical position of the rotation axis benefits both the manipulation of the parts, and the installation and maintenance of the equipment.

The tooling to force the workpiece, placed on the main shaft of the machine consists of an expensive system and some sents of fixated segments adapted to the different diameters of the components to be manufactured. This fixation system allows to use both sheet rings (typically, components for centrifugal fans) and rolled and welded tubes (typically, axial fan body).

The shaping process is performed by two working rollers that are installed in the whole set of working carriages. The configuration with three controlled axes provides maximum flexibility of the equipment, allowing obtain parts with high dimensional accuracy.

The machine is equipped with a punching unit to make the fixing holed on the previously spun flanges.

Technical features airspin-229/H CNC

Technical Features airspin-229/H CNC

Working Thinkness**

316L - 1.4404 - X2CrNimo17-12-2 8mm
St-52.3 - 1.0570-S355 J2G3 10mm

*This dimension is limited by the fixing system

** The maximum thikness given are only for information and may change depending on the geomentry of the parts (amount of deformation), Speed of work and the required surface quality

Working dimensions

Minimum part diameter 250mm
Maximum part diameter 2200mm
Minimum tube length 130mm
Maximum tube length 130mm

Technical details

Longitudinal axial travel 1000 mm
Transversal redial travel 1000 mm
Shaping spindle rotation 95
Total power installed 180 kV (aprox.)
Main shaft rotation 0-100 rpm

Airspin-220H CNC

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